Family History
(As related to the Shephard's of Hunterdon County, NJ)
By: Russell S. Pickett

      This document display's the "Runyan (Runyon) Family" as it is related to the "Shepherd Family" of the Hunterdon County, New Jersey area.   "However", all information, Ancestors & Decendants, discovered concerning the "Runyan Family" are noted here as well.   The surname was first changed by "Abasolm Runyan" (17). (see below).

      Any towns or cities noted are in the State of New Jersey unless otherwise noted.   Family members names shown in "Marroon" are the direct ancestors of my children "Chris, Ryan, Kayla & Kara Pickett".   Other family members names are shown in "purple".

      Within this document I use the "Find A Grave" website which links to where each family member who has passed away is interred and shows their individual online memorial.   If you'd like to access the "Find A Grave" site to learn more about this project and build memorials for your loved ones please click below:

      Anyone that has information or questions on this family or any updates to any of the family lines please "email me".   I'd be glad to add your updates for your "Runyan Family" as well.   Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this short history of the Runyan Family.

Other Family surnames included in this document:

      Boutcher, Dunn, Hull, Blackford, Smock, Sotton, Drake, Curtiss, Bonham, Woolverton, Houghton, Pierce, Jewel, Conrod, Lake, Johnson, Stout, Large, Jolley, Coolbaugh, Mettler, Stanford, Hoppock, Kitchen, Apgar, Sinclair, Gardner, Smith, Barrett, Huff, Wedgebury, Shepherd, Trout.

     Vincent, (1) was from Portiers, France.   He is currently the senior member of this family known to the author.   He came to Elizabethtown, NJ ca. 1668.   He married "Ann Boutcher" on July 17, 1668.   The marriage license (old style) was issued by NJ Governor Sir Philip Cartaret.   The original license can be seen in the Trenton State Archives.   Ann Boutcher was from Hartford, England.   Vincent (1) & Ann moved, by 1677, to their 154 ½ acres on the Raritan River (A map of this land is shown as Appendix "B" of this document).   Vincent (1) died intestate in December, 1713.   He left gold, silver, a canoe, silver spoons, etc.   He was also a witness, in Elizabeth in 1671, in the first jury trial held in New Jersey.   He is buried in the Runyan Cemetery on the corner of Possumtown Road & Centennial Avenue in Edison, NJ.   They had 7 children. 2.  John Runyon  -  b.cir. 1669, d. ??
3.  Vincent Runyon II  -  b.cir. 1670, d. ??
4. *Thomas Runyon,  -  b.cir. 1673, d. ??
5. *Mary Runyon  -  b. Jul 2, 1677, d. ??
6.  Peter Runyon  -  b. Jan 1, 1680, d. ??
7.  Jane Runyon  -  b. Jan 19, 1683, d. ??
8. *Sarah Runyon  -  b. Oct 30, 1686, d. ??

Family Notes:   John (2) was born in Elizabeth. He moved, after his marriage to "Elizabeth Dunn", to Rocky Hill on Stoney Brook.   Vincent II (3) was born in Elizabeth.   He & "Mary Hull", daughter of Benjamin Hull, were married at the Runyon home on the Raritan and they later lived in the home.   This property was later sold to Hendrick Smock in 1739.   Peter (6) was born in the Runyon home on the Raritan River.   He married "Providence Blackford".   Jane (7) was born in the Runyon home on the Raritan River.   (Note that Elizabeth Dunn, wife of John (2) & Martha Dunn, wife of Thomas (4), were sisters.)

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"Vincent Rongnion (1)"

      Thomas, (4) was born the 3rd child & 3rd son of Vincent (1) and Ann (Boutcher) Runyon in ca. 1673 in Elizabeth, NJ.   He married "Martha Dunn" prior to 1698 and it is believed that they were married in Piscataway, NJ.   Martha was born July 13, 1681 in Piscataway, NJ the daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth (Drake) Dunn ( See the "Drake" Family History by Russ Pickett ).   Martha's sister Elizabeth married Thomas' (4) brother John (2).

       In 1698 Thomas (4) & his brother John (2) signed a compact with many others to build a church above the falls of the Delaware (Scudders Falls at Trenton).   The land was traded for land at Maidenhead, now Lawrenceville, & a church was built there.   It was a Presbyterian Church & it is not known at this time whether or not it still stands.   Thomas (4) & his wife Martha, however, joined the Hopewell Baptist Church prior to 1730 & that is the only record of them joining any church.   The above compact is in the Colonial Archives in Trenton.   Both Thomas (4) & his brother John (2) signed with their marks so evidently neither could write.

      By 1700 they had moved to Hopewell, NJ.   There they purchased 150 acres of land from Daniel Coxe on March 5, 1712 for 50 pounds (English money).   The land is on the Titus Mill Road just below Hopewell & was described in the deed as being next to William Hixson, by Stoney Brook, & next to Captain Hunt.   It was witnessed by J. Basse, Edward Kemp & Alex Lockhart.   The record of this transaction is in the Burlington County (Hunterdon Cty was part of Burlington Cty in 1712) Book AAA, page 445 in the State Archives in Trenton.   (Note: The original copy of this deed was found in Pennington, NJ in a mans personal effects after his death during 1991.   It was given to Marvin C. Shephard ( see "Marvin Shepherd" in the "Shepherd Family History" ) who presented it to the Museum in Hopewell, NJ.   He also sent this author (Russ Pickett) a copy of the original).

      They built their house, which is still standing, in 1713.   Thomas (4) died in 1753 & is probably buried in the Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery (no marker has been found).   There is proof that his wife Martha was still alive at that time, however, no records have been found to establish the date of her death.   They had 7 children.

  9.   Vincent Runyon  -  b.cir. 1699, d. 1770
10. *Thomas Runyon, Jr.  -  b.cir. 1701, d. ??
11.  Catherine Runyon  - 1705, d. ??
12.  Martha Runyon  - 1707, d. ??
13.  Ephraim Runyon  - 1708, d. 1772
14. *Aaron Runyon  - 1710, d. 1791
15.  Joseph Runyon  - 1711, d. ??

Family Notes:   All the children were born in or near Hopewell, NJ.   Vincent (9) married 1st "Alice Curtiss" & then 2nd "Mercy Bonham".   He had only one child, Vincent, Jr.   Vincent (9) died in Hopewell.   His son, Vincent, Jr. married "Elizabeth Woolverton" & moved to New York in 1800 after selling the remainder of the lands of Thomas I (4).   Catherine (11) married "Cornelius Anderson" & had many children.   A record of her descendants is available as part of the Anderson genealogy records in the Hopewell, Museum.   Martha (12) married "Hezekiah Bonham" & the record of Martha's descendants can be found in the Bonham genealogy records which are available in Hunterdon & Mercer County.   Ephraim (13) married "A____ Houghton" & was a logger & was killed in a wagon accident in 1772.   He & his wife had three daughters, of which I have no record.   Joseph (15) Lived in Amwell Cty after his marriage (unknown to who) & had two sons, Peter & John.   John, it is known, remained a bachelor.

Mary Runyon, (5)

      Mary, (5) was born the 4th child, 1st dau of Vincent (1) & Ann (Boutcher) Runyon on July 2, 1677 in the Runyon Home on the Ruritan River near Elizabethtown, NJ. She married "Benjamin Drake" whose dates and information are currently unknown. They resided in Hopewell, NJ and had one known child.

16.  John Drake  -  b.1710, d. Jul/Oct, 1750

Sarah Runyon, (8)

      Sarah, (8) was born the 7th child, 3rd dau of Vincent (1) & Ann (Boutcher) Runyon on October 30, 1686 in the Runyon Home on the Ruritan River near Elizabethtown, NJ. She married "Richard Sutton" who was born the son of William & Damrus (Bishop) Sutton on July 18, 1676. They are believed to have resided in Hopewell, NJ and had ten children.

17.  Sarah Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
18.  Anna Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
19.  Nathan Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
20.  Richard Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
21.  Peter Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
22.  Catherine Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
23.  Joshua Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
24. *Jonas Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
25.  Amos Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??
26.  Joseph Jasper Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??

Family Notes: Additional information on this family is being supplied by Vickie Gorby in the near future.

      Thomas, (10) was born the 2nd child & 2nd son of Thomas (4) and Martha (Dunn) Runyon in ca. 1701 in Hopewell, NJ. He married "Elizabeth _____". By trade, he was a Tailor, having a shop in Hopewell & later having a shop in Kingwood Township. In 1753 he bought 150 acres near Quakertown. He joined the Baptist Church in Baptistown in 1764 & was buried there after his death in January of 1770. His tombstone is unreadable today, however, he was buried right in front of his son Absolam (16). His wife, Elizabeth died prior to Thomas (10), in ca. 1765. They had 6 children. 40. *Absolam Runyon  -  b. 1736, d. ??
41.  Rosanna Runyon  -  b. ??, d. ??
42.  Elizabeth Runyon  -  b. ??, d. ??
43.  Sarah Runyon  -  b. ??, d. ??
44.  Catherine Runyon  -  b. ??, d. ??
45.  Rachel Runyon  -  b. ??, d. ??

Family Notes: Rosanna (41) married "Francis Pierce" in Kingwood Township. Elizabeth (42) married "Thomas Jewel" who died on Nov 14, 1777. "Thomas Jewell" was a wheelwright & Absolam (40) was the bondsman to his estate. Sarah (43) married "Adam Conrod" who was a Revolutionary War Veteran & was in a parade at Flemington NJ in 1826 (Article is printed on the last page of this document.) Catherine (44) was not married as of 1770. Rachel (45) was also not married as of 1770.

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"Thomas Runyon, II (10)"

Aaron Runyon, (14)

      Aaron, (14) was born the 6th child & 4th son of Thomas (4) & Martha Dunn near Hopewell, NJ in ca. 1710. He married, however, his wifes name is currently unknown.   There is a possibility that he married "Sarah Stout" who was born 1715 in Hopewell, NJ.   They had 9 known children.

46.  Catherine Runyon  -  b. 1731, d. ??
47.  Thomas Runyon  -  b. 1735, d. Oct. 1, 1823
48.  (Daughter) Runyon  -  b. ca. 1738, d. ??
49.  Aaron Runyon  -  b. 1742, d. ??
50.  (Daughter) Runyon  -  b. ca. 1750, d. ??
51.  Reuben Runyon  -  b. ??, d. 1810
52.  Bonham Runyon  -  b. 1754, d. 1806
53.  George Runyon  -  b. 1756, d. 1846
54.  Jared S. Runyon  -  b. 1758, d. 1834

Family Notes:  Bonham (52) moved to Pennslyvania where he later died.  He was married to a Elizabeth.  Reuben (51) and his sister Catherine (46) both moved to Kentucky where they both later died.  Catherine (46) had evidently become a widow prior to moving since it is noted that she moved with her children.  Aaron (49) married Elizabeth Larison.  George (53) was married to Margaret.

Jonas Sutton, (24)

      Jonas, (24) was born the child of Richard & Sarah (Runyon) Sutton (8), date unknown. He was married twice. He 1st married a "Mercer" whose first name is currently unknown. After her passing away he then married Elizabeth Runyon whose parents are currently unknown. They had one know child together.

55. *William Sutton  -  b. 1741, d. 1797

      Absolam, (40) was born the 1st child & 1st son of Thomas, II (10) and Elizabeth (_____) Runyon near Hopewell, NJ in 1736.  From Absolam (40) on, the spelling of RunyOn was changed to RunyAn.  (Notice: the name "Runyon" is reflected in the above names.)

      He first married "Anne Lake" who was born the daughter of Daniel Lake in 1746.  They had four children together.  She passed away prior to 1770 in New Jersey.  He then married "Winifret Johnson" (See the Johnson Family by Russ Pickett), daughter of Cornelius & Ann (Stout) Johnson.  Ann Stout was the great-granddau of Richard & Penelope (Van Princis) Stout, the first European settlers of the State of New Jersey (The story of Penelope (Van Princis) Stout is included as Appendix "x" of this document).  Winifret died in 1791.  Absolam (40) & Winifret had three children.  Absolam (40) married a third time to "Ann Johnson", the sister of his 2nd wife Winifret, & she was born in 1746.  They did not have any children.

      Absolam (40) moved from Hopewell, NJ to Baptistown prior to 1753.  He joined the Baptist Church in Baptistown in 1764 with his father, Thomas II (10), where he served as a Trustee.  He ran a Tavern in Frenchtown during 1769 & was a Tax Assessor in Kingwood Township in 1772.  He served as a Quarter Master during the Revolutionary War under Colonel Beavers.  He purchased 300 acres of land just below Baptistown prior to 1780.

      Absolam's sons Stephen (26) & Abner (27) moved to Beaver County, PA to homestead in the mid-1780's.  In 1787 they used their father's Revoluntionary War Service records to help their father purchase 207 acres of land in North Sewickley Township in Beaver County, PA.  Absolam (40) immediately sold ½ of this land, at cost, to each son where they remained to raise families of their own.

      Absolam (40) died near Baptistown, NJ. on August 25, 1809 at approximately 73 years of age.  He is buried in the Baptistown Cemetery in Baptistown, NJ.  His 3rd wife Ann, died on August 29, 1813 & is buried next to Absolam.

Note: Marvin Shepherd (see "Marvin Shepherd" in the "Shepherd Family History"), along with his cousin Richard Shepherd (#42 of the Shepherd Family), installed the U.S. Govt. Revolutionary War Veterans Stone in Baptistown.  This stone is still decorated each Veteran's Day by the County.

Children of Absolam Runyan & Anne Lake:

60. *Stephen Runyan  -  b. 1758, d. 1846
61. *Abner Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??
62.  Mary Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??
63.  Ann Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??
Children of Absolam Runyan & Winifret Johnson: 64. *Jerusha Runyan  -  b. Mar 16, 1777, d. Oct 27, 1855
65.  Thomas Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??
66. *Johnson Runyan  -  b. Jan 19, 1782, d. Nov 29, 1852

Family Notes:  Mary (62) married "Sam Large", a Quaker on February 10, 1780 & moved with him to Warren County, NJ.  Ann (63) married "Elisha Jolley" & there is no further record of her.  Thomas (65) stayed with his father, Absolam (40), & helped work the farm.  He was married & also worked as a township clerk in Kingwood Township.

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"Absolam Runyan (40)" - "Ann (Johnson) Runyan"

William Sutton, (55)

      William, (55) was born the only known child of Jonas (24) & _____ (Mercer) Sutton. He married "Mary Robins" whose dates and parents are currently unknown. They had one known child together.

67. *Hannah Sutton  -  b. ??, d. ??

Stephen Runyan, (60)

      Stephen, (60) was born the 1st child & 1st son of Absolam (40) & Anne (Lake) Runyon in 1758 in Piscataway, NJ.  He married "Johanna Johnson" (#32 in Johnson Fam.) in May/June of 1782 in Hunterdon County New Jersey.  Johanna was born the dau of Cornelius & Ann (Stout) Johnson in Piscataway, NJ.  The date of her birth is currently unknown.

      Stephen (60), along with his brother Abner (61), was farming in Alexandria Township in 1782.  He and his brother both moved to Beaver County, Pa. in the mid-1780's where they evidently were homesteading land in North Sewickley Township in Beaver County, Pa.  They contacted their father Absolam (40) and used his influence, based on his Revolutionary War Service, to help him purchase 207 acres of land there.  This land was known as Lot #192 and was called "Absolam's Choice" after the purchase.  Whether or not this was the same land the sons were homesteading is unknown at this time, however it is more than likely the case.  Stephen (60) and Abner (61) both bought ½ of the 207 acres of land purchased by their father in ca. 1788 for cost.  They both remained in Beaver County, PA. where they raised their families.  The descendant's of Stephen (60) & Abner (61) still have a yearly reunion (as of 1993) in Michigan.

      Stephen (60) passed away in 1846 in N. Sewickly, PA.  What cemetery he is interred in is currently unknown.  Johanna passed away on May 12, 1851 in Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA.  It is also unknown where she was interred.  Stephen & Johanna had four known children.

68.  Absolam Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??
69.  Joseph Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??
70.  Stephen Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??
71.  Jerusha Runyan  -  b. ??, d. ??

Family Notes: Absolam (68) was born in New Jersey. The others were all born in PA.

Abner Runyan, (61)

      Abner, (61) was born the 2nd child & 2nd son of Absolam (40) & Anne (Lake) Runyon.  He married "Rebecca Johnson" (#33 in Johnson Fam.) in May/June of 1782 in Hunterdon County New Jersey.  Rebecca was born the dau of Cornelius & Ann (Stout) Johnson.

      Rebecca passed away on February 21, 1843 and was interred in the Providence Baptist Cemetery, Beaver County, PA.  Abner (61) passed away on April 14, 1846 and was interred next to his wife.  They had five known children together.

      For more information on Abner (61) please read the story of his older brother Stephen (60) above.  The descendant's of Abner (61) & Stephen (60) still have a yearly reunion (as of 1993) in Michigan.

72.  Rachel Runyan
73.  Thomas Runyan, b. Feb 9, 1790, d. Mar 13, 1859
74.  Mary Runyan
75.  Ann Runyan
76.  Adam Runyan

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"Abner Runyan (61)"   -   "Rebecca Johnson Runyan"   -   "Thomas Runyan (73)"

Jerusha Runyan, (64)

      Jerusha, (64) was born the 5th child & 3rd daughter of Absolam Runyan (40) & the 1st child and only daughter of Winifret Johnson Runyon on March 16, 1777 in Hunterdon, NJ.  She was married twice.  She first married "Ezekial Compton" on December 29, 1796.  They had no children together and it is believed that he passed away, however the date is unknown..

      Jerusha (64) was then married to "Benjamin Coolbaugh" and they moved to Pa.  Benjamin was born on December 10, 1767 in Smithfield, PA.  His parent's names are currently unknown.

      Benjamin passed away on February 13, 1815 and was interred in Wysox, Pa.  Jerusha (64) passed away on October 27, 1855 also in Wysox, PA.  She was, evidently, interred with her husband.  The name of the cemetery is unknown.  They had 7 known children together and they have many descendants in PA, IL, and CA.

77.  Lovina Coolbaugh  -  b. ??, d. ??
78.  William Coolbaugh  -  b. ??, d. ??
79.  Absolam Coolbaugh  -  b. ??, d. ??
80.  Sally Ann Coolbaugh  -  b. ??, d. ??
81.  Johnson Runyan Coolbaugh  -  b. ??, d. ??
82.  Moses Coolbaugh  -  b. ??, d. ??
83.  Rachel Coolbaugh  -  b. ??, d. ??

Family Notes: Lovina (77) is noted at being the illegitimate daughter of Jerusha (64) and possibly not the daughter of Benjamin.

      Johnson, (66) was born the 7th child & 4th son of Absolam (40) and the 3rd child & 2nd son of Winifret (Johnson) Runyan on January 19, 1782 in Kingwood Township. He married "Permelia Mettler" (#29 of the Mettler Fam.), daughter of James & Elizabeth (_____) Mettler, on December 24, 1803. She was born May 5, 1787 in Alexandria Township.

      Johnson (66) inherited 1/2 of his father, Absolam's (40) farm. The other half going to his brother Thomas (33). He bought the other half from Thomas (33) in 1814. He was elected a Freeholder of Kingwood Township. He later went bankrupt, according to the Hunterdon County Gazette of August 9, 1826, & lost the farm. Johnson (66) then bought the old homestead & farm of Philip Mettler (#3 of Mettler Fam.) Grand-father of his wife Permelia, in Alexandria Township. In 1830 he served as co-executor of the will of his father-in-law, James Mettler (#16 of Mettler Fam.).

      Johnson (66) died on January 29, 1852 in Alexandria Township at the age of 70. He was buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cem. in Mt. Pleasant, NJ. His wife Permelia went to live with her dau, Orpha (57) in Little York, NJ. She died on July 14, 1868 at the age of 81 years & is buried next to her husband and her parents in the Mt. Pleasant Cem. They had 9 children.

84.  Stevenson Runyan  -  b. 1805, d. Nov 25, 1842
85.  Laraine Runyan  - 1806, d. ??
86.  Orpha Runyan  -  b. 1808, d. 1881
87.  Clarissa Runyan  - 1810, d. ??
88.  Stanford Runyan  -  b. 1812, d. Jun 28, 1820
89.  Oakley Runyan  -  b. Dec 29, 1813, d. Dec 7, 1895
90. *Alvah Runyan  -  b. Dec 13, 1816, d. Nov 24, 1872
91.  Sylvester Runyan  -  b. 1818, d. Mar 22, 1855
92.  Clarkson Runyan  -  b. 1824, d. Jul 16, 1852

Family Notes: All of the children are believed to be born in Kingwood Township, NJ.  Stevenson (84) married "Mary _____" & is known to have two children - Jon Stanford & Emma Runyan, who both died the same year as their father, 1842.  It is believed that they all three are buried in the same plot at Mt. Pleasant Cem.  It is also believed that they all died from tuberculosis, which was in epidemic scale during this time.  Laraine (85) married a "Hoppock" & lived in Little York & had children.  Orpha (86) cared for her mother, Permelia, after her fathers death & evidently never married.  She is interred at Mt. Pleasant next to brothers Alvah (90) & Oakley (89).  Clarissa (87) married "Thomas Kitchen" & lived in Little York & had children.  Stanford (88) died at the age of 8 & is believed to have also died from tuberculosis, like his brother Stevenson (84).  Stanford (88) was interred in Baptistown Cem, Baptistown, NJ & is the only child of Johnson interred there.  Oakley (89) married "Elizabeth Alpaugh" & had two known children, Mrs. Phillip F. Hunt, and Mrs. Emma F. Tinsman.  They owned a farm in Mt. Pleasant, NJ on the road east, just above the cemetery.  He was the co-executor of his fathers will with his brother Alvah (90).  He is also interred in Mt. Pleasant Cem.  Sylvester (91) was never married & is buried in plot 108 of the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.  Clarkson (92) married, but no name is known.  He died the same year as his father & is buried there with him at Mt. Pleasant Cem.

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"Johnson Runyan (66)"   -   "Permelia (Mettler) Runyan"   -   "Stevenson Runyan (84)"   -   "Orpha Runyan (86)"
"Clarissa Runyan Kitchen (87)"   -   "Thomas Kitchen"   -   "Stanford Runyan (88)"
"Oakley Runyan (89)"   -   "Sylvester Runyan (91)"   -   "Clarkson Runyan (92)"

Hannah Sutton, (67)

      Hannah, (67) was born the only known child of William (49) & Mary (Robins) Sutton. She married "John Morden" who was born on January 24, 1768 the son of Ralph & Ann (Durham) Morden. Ralph Morden was a Quaker who was wrongly convicted of treason in a volatile time of the Revolutionary Era. He was hanged in Easton, Pennsylvania on Noivember 25, 1780, at 38 years of age. He had helped a friend named Robert Land flee the area for Canada. His widow, Ann Durham Morden, was left with 8 children & 2 orphaned young grandchildren. She settled in Dundas, Ontario, Canada as a widow on her own, after she had tried staying in Pennsylvania until things got too shaky. She even translated for Canadian Goivernor John Simcoe in his dealings with the Mohawk Natives. She was a true Quaker & ironically, even after her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth McGarvin, was left orphaned by an Indian massacre when she was a young teen. Elizabeth McGarvin was born in Ireland.

      John & Hannah (Sutton) Morden (67) lived in London, Ontario, Canada. John passed away on his birthday, January 24, 1832, and it is currently unknown where he was interred. The date of Hannah's (67) passing is currently unknown. They had one known child together.

100. *James Morden  -  b. Oct. 25, 1800, d. 1855

      Alvah, (90) was born the 7th child & 4th son of Johnson (66) and Permelia (Mettler) Runyan in Kingwood Township, NJ on December 13, 1816. He married "Ann Apgar" on November 19, 1840 in Alexandria Township. She was born July 20, 1819. Where she was born & who her parents were is unknown.

      He lived on his father Johnson's (66) farm until his father's death in 1852. He then bought a 60 acre farm from a Wright. This farm was located just outside of the town of Little York on the road east. (House is still standing, 1990).

      Alvah (83) died on November 24, 1872 at the age of 55 in Alexandria Township. His obituary was recorded in the Flemington Democrat. His farm was sold by his son & executor John Martin Runyan (51) to _____ Alpaugh. The sale was not recorded, however, until 1922 for some reason. He was interred at the Mt. Pleasant Cem. with his other family members, close to his brother Oakley (60) & sister Orpha (57). His wife, Ann, died on March 4, 1897 at the age of 77 & is interred next to her husband at Mt. Pleasant. They had 8 children.

101.  John Martin Runyan  -  b. 1842, d. 1936
102.  Mary Ella Runyan  -  b. Aug 17, 1843, d. Jan 2, 1900
103. *Corinda Runyan  -  b. Oct 17, 1846, d. Oct 25, 1881
104.  Marthae Runyan  -  b. Sep 18, 1848, d. Jan 30, 1925
105.  Johnson Runyan  -  b. Dec 22, 1851, d. Jan 9, 1918
106.  Spencer Runyan  - 1853, d. Sep 16, 1940
107.  Stanford C. Runyan  -  b. Sep 13, 1856, d. Jan 18, 1891
108.  Emma Runyan  -  b. Jun 11, 1859, d. Jun 24, 1950

Family Notes: John Martin (101) married "Uri Sinclair". She was born in 1847 & died in 1930. He was the co-administrator of his father Alvah's (90) estate in 1872 with his brother-in-law William Gardner. He & his wife are both buried in the Frenchtown Cem. Mary Ella (102) married "William Gardner" & had one daughter, Adah. Adah married a "Smith" & was widowed prior to 1918 when she moved to East Orange & worked for Prudential Ins. Co. She married 2nd a "Barrett". Adah did not have children by either marriage. Mary Ella (102) was interred with her husband in Bloomsbury, NJ. Her dau, Adah was also interred in Bloomsbury. Marthae (104) married "George Huff". There is not a record of any children. She is interred at Mt. Pleasant Cem., NJ. Johnson (105) was born in Alexandria Township & married a widow named "Brown" in Newark, NJ on October 14, 1897. They had two children - son named Alvah & a daughter Lillian. Lillian married a "Wedgebury" & lived at 13 Blossom Road in Rumson, NJ. She worked at the Prudential Ins. Co. with relative Adah, dau of Mary Ella (102). No further information is available on their son Alvah. Spencer (106) remained a bachelor & died on September 16, 1940. He is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cem. Stanford C. (107) married a "Mary J____" who died on June 17, 1917. They are both interred in the Mt. Pleasant Cem. in plot 377 (no markers). Their son, the only child of record, was named Howard. He also had a son, named Arthur, who had a son named Howard who is (or was) the police chief of Clinton Township, NJ. Emma (108) married a "Kephart" & is interred in Mt. Pleasant Cem. in plot 118.

View Online Memorial For (click on name):
"Alvah Runyan (83)"   -   "Ann (Apgar) Runyan"   -   "John Martin Runyan (101)"   -   "Uri (Sinclair) Runyan"
"Marthae (Runyan) Huff (104)"   -   "Spencer Runyan (106)"   -   "Stanford C. Runyan (107)"
"Emma (Runyan) Kephart (108)"

James Morden, (100)

      James, (100) was born the only known child of John & Hannah (Sutton) Morden on October 25, 1800. He married "Elizabeth McGarvin" whose dates and parents are currently unknown. It is known however that she was born in Ireland.

      James passed away in 1855 and it is currently unknown where he was interred. The date of Elizabeth's passing is currently unknown. They had one known child together.

109. *Eleanor Morden  -  b. Jul. 5, 1827, d. Nov. 5, 1914

      Corinda, (103) was born the 3rd child & 2nd dau of Alvah (90) and Ann (Apgar) Runyan on October 10, 1846 in Alexandria Township, NJ. She married "Peter Aller Shepherd" on September 29, 1868. Peter (See the "Shepherd Family History") was born on December 17, 1844, the son of John & Mary (Sherred) Shepherd.

      Corinda (103) was evidently a housewife. Her husband Peter worked for the railroad & later became a station agent in Stockton, NJ. Corinda (103) preceded her husband in death on October 25, 1881 at the age of 35 & was interred in the Frenchtown Cem. in Frenchtown, NJ. She was later disinterred & moved to the Riverview Cem. in Lambertville, NJ where she lays next to her husband Peter who died on October 10, 1921 at the age of 76. They had 4 Children.

110.  Alvah Runyan Shepherd  -  b. Aug 09, 1871, d. 1959
111.  Lemuel Shepherd  -  b. Oct 25, 1873, d. Jul 16, 1877
112.  Charles Alvater Shepherd  -  b. Jun 24, 1875 d. Apr 12, 1959
113. *Harry Jacob Shepherd, Sr.  -  b. Jul 17, 1877, d. May 22, 1951

Family Notes:   Alvah (74) married a Miss Trout & they both moved to near Riverside, California in 1906 where he is interred. Lemuel (75) died at the age of 4 years & is interred in Riverview Cem., Lambertville. Charles' (76) and Harry's (77) descendants are shown in the "Shepherd Family History".

View Online Memorial For (click on name):
"Corinda (Runyan) Shepherd (103)"   -   "Peter Aller Shepherd"   -   "Lemuel Shepherd (111)"
"Charles Alvater Shepherd (112)"

Eleanor Morden, (109)

      Eleanor, (109) was born the only known child of James (100) & Elizabeth (McGarvin) Morden on July 5, 1827. She married "Isaac Coyne" who was born on June 27, 1818. His parents are currently unknown.

      Isaac passed away in 1883 and it is currently unknown where he was interred. Eleanor (109) passed away on November 5, 1914 and it is also unknown where she was interred. They had one known child together.

114. *Hannah Ida Harriet Coyne, b. Mar. 1, 1860, d. Nov. 4, 1924

      The family and descendants of Harry Jacob Shepherd (113) are all displayed in the:

" Shepherd Family History ".

" Continued Lineage Of Author "

Harry Jacob Shepherd, Sr. & "Amanda Carver Howell" had a daughter: Edith Elizabeth Shepherd

Edith Elizabeth Shepherd & Russell Stout had a daughter: Emma Virginia Stout

Emma Virginia Stout & John Ernest Pickett, Jr. had a son: Russell Stout Pickett (author)

Hannah Ida Harriet Coyne, (114)

      Hannah, (114) was born the only known child of Isaac & Eleanor (Morden) Coyne (109) on March 1, 1860. She married "John Smith Ireland" who was born on August 25, 1859. His parents are currently unknown.

      Hannah (114) passed away on November 4, 1924 and it is currently unknown where she was interred. Her husband John passed away an month later on December 10, 1924 and it is also unknown where he was interred. They had one known child together.

115. *Harold Jack Coyne Ireland, b. Nov. 27, 1899, d. Mar. 12, 1991

Harold Jack Coyne Ireland, (115)

      Harold, (115) was born the only known child of John Smith & Hannah Ida Harriet (Coyne) Ireland (114) on November 27, 1899. He married "Merney Agatha Augusta Eberly" who was born on March 9, 1901. Her parents are currently unknown.

      Merney passed away on June 16, 1952 and it is currently unknown where she was interred. Her husband Harold (115) passed away March 12, 1991 and it is also unknown where he was interred. They had one known child together.

116. *Jack Coyne Ireland, b. Sep. 24, 1928, d. Oct. 23, 1998

Jack Coyne Ireland, (116)

      Jack, (116) was born the only known child of Harold Jack Coyne (115) & Merney Agatha Augusta (Eberly) Ireland on September 24, 1928. He married "Barbara Jean Williams" who was born on December 20, 1936. Her parents are currently unknown.

      Barbara passed away on September 17, 1998 and it is currently unknown where she was interred. Her husband Jack (116) passed away a month later on October 23, 1998 and it is also unknown where he was interred. They had one known child together.

117.  John Charles Ireland, Jr., b. Nov. 17, 1959

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