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     There is a "Pyramid of Honors" that can be conferred upon Americans for heroic actions during time of war such as the Silver Star, Distinguished Service Medal and the Navy Cross. Atop this "Pyramid of Honors" is the Medal of Honor, the highest award bestowed upon Americans for heroics during combat.

     This "Medal of Honor" was instituted in 1862 during the Civil War. Since that time 3,412 Americans have received this highest honor of their country. Of those, 14 were awarded to Delawarean’s: nine during the Civil War, one during the Indian Wars out west, one during the Spanish-American war, one for the insurrection that followed in the Philippines after the war with Spain, and two during World War II. Three other "Medal of Honor" recipients, who were born in Delaware but received their medals with another state, are also honored below.

     This section is dedicated to the memory and the honor of those 14 brave Delaware Soldiers. Information about how each of these brave men received this medal is slowly being included here. That information is being taken from the book "Delaware’s Medal of Honor Recipients" by Delaware Author "Roger A. Martin" with his permission and also from other sources. Question’s concerning its content should be sent to Russ Pickett.

Alexandar Hand - July 9, 1862 - Roanoke River, North Carolina

Charles B. Tanner - September 17, 1862 - Sharpsburg, Maryland

James Parke Postles - July 2, 1863 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

John B. Maberry - July 3, 1863 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Bernard McCarren - July 3, 1863 - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

John Shilling - August 21, 1864 - Petersburg, Virginia

Henry A. du Pont - October 19, 1864 - Middletown, Virginia

David Buckingham - February 5, 1865 - Petersburg, Virginia

Samuel Rodmond Smith - February 5, 1865 - Petersburg, Virginia

Griffin Seward - October 20, 1869 - Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona Territory

Leonard Chadwick - May 11, 1898 - Cienfuegos, Cuba

Charles H. Pierce - October 19, 1899 - San Isidro, Luzon, Philippine Islands

William Lloyd Nelson - April 24, 1943 - Djebel Dardyss, Tunisia

James P. Connor - August 15, 1944 - Cape Cavalaire, France.

Listing of
Medal of Honor recipients buried in Delaware
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      The following "Medal of Honor Recipients" were "born" in the State of Delaware but either moved to or enlisted in military service in another state to which their award is accredited. By virtue of their birth, they are still among our "Delaware Heroes".

Louis Jeanottelle Sacriste - 116th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles H. Baldwin - May 25, 1864 - Roanoke River, Virginia

William Jackson Palmer - February 24, 1894 - Red Hill, Alabama


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