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By: Russell S. Pickett
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      The "Hughes Family History" is currently under construction.  Anyone that has information or questions on this family line please "email me" since I already have the document in Word format.

John Hursey Hughes, (1)

      John (1) was believed to be born in Caroline County, Maryland.  However the date of his birth along with the names of his parents are currently unknown.  He married "Martha Annie Robinson" whose birth date and parents names are also currently unknown.

      Martha passed away on July 25, 1934.  John (1) passed away on February 1, 1941.  It is unknown at this time where they are interred. They had 7 children together.

2.  Nora Hughes  -  b. ??, d. ??
3.  Courtland W. Hughes  -  b. 1885, d. 1917
4. *Cora Elizabeth Hughes  -  b. 1886, d. 1969
5.  Laura Hughes  -  b. ??, d. ??
6.  Earl Hughes  -  b. ??, d. ??
7.  Thomas Henry Hughes  -  b. ??, d. ??
8.  Bessie Hughes  -  b. ??, d. ??

Family Notes:  Nothing further is known about Nora (2).  Courtland (3) married "Lillian M. _____" who was born in 1889.  Lillian passed away in 1913 and they are both interred in the Greensboro Cemetery, Greensboro, Md.  Laura (5) married "Clarence Murphy" and they are believed to have moved to Ohio.  Earl (6) married "Louise Chevins?" and they lived in Pennsylvania.  Thomas (7) married "Hazel Chevins?" and they resided in Caroline County, Md.  Hazel & Louise Chevins were sisters.  Bessie (8) married "Harvey Tribbitt" and they also resided in Caroline County, Md.

Cora Elizabeth Hughes, (4)

      Cora, (4) was born the 3rd child and 2nd daughter of John Hursey (1) and Martha Annie (Robinson) Hughes in 1886.  It is currently believed she was born in Caroline County, Maryland.  She married "Roland Calvin Porter" who was born the son of Robert H. and Sarah A. (Dill) Porter in 1887 ( see the "Porter Family History" ).  It is also currently believed that he was born in Caroline County, Maryland.  After their marriage it is believed that they resided in the Greensboro, Maryland area.

      Cora (4) passed away in 1969 and was interred in the Greensboro Cemetery, Greensboro, Md.  Roland (2) passed away in 1975 and was interred next to his wife.  They had 4 children together.

  9.  *Anna Marie Porter  -  b. Dec. 14, 1907, d. Feb 3, 1998
10.  *Raymond Hursey Porter  -  b. Dec 26, 1909, d. Nov 15, 1992
11.  *Clinton Calvin Porter  -  b. Jul 26, 1916, d. Aug 11, 1991
12.  *Wilton Kirk Porter  -  b. Aug 21, 1924

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