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January 27, 2019

     The following family tree information on the descendants of the Howell Family is compiled from many sources: Census forms, books published on local history of Trenton, NJ, family interviews, family legends, marriage, birth and death certificates and personal knowledge.

     Three major contributors include Edith Elizabeth (Shepherd) Stout (9) who was my grandmother, Rachel Hannah (Brown) Pointon (15) who was my 3rd cousin, and Edward Carver Howell, III (20) a distant cousin.

     During my original research my grandmother Edith noted that her dad's name was "George Edward Howell" ..... Her cousin Rachel thought that it was "Edward George Howell".   I found that they were both basically incorrect.   His name, as noted on the Census of 1900, and his headstone show that it was "George M. Howell".   

      Within this document I use the "Find A Grave" website which links to where each family member who has passed away is interred and shows their individual online memorial.   If you'd like to access the "Find A Grave" site to learn more about this project and build memorials for your loved ones please click below:

      This Family Tree is updated regularly when new sources are found and new sources are being looked for constantly.   Anyone knowing of any additions to this information, or any decendant line, are requested to "email me" (

The names of my direct ancestors are highlight in "marroon".

      George, (1) is the senior member known of this family.   He was born on April 15, 1855 in Pennsylvania.   His parents names and any siblings are currently unknown however the 1900 census notes that his Dad was born in New Jersey and his Mom in Pennsylvania.   He married Rachel A. Carver who was born on March 8, 1853 in New Jersey.   Her parents names and any siblings are also currently unknown however the 1900 census notes that her Dad & Mom were both born in New Jersey.   In 1900 they also resided at 7 Barbara Street, Trenton, New Jersey.

      George (1) was noted in the 1900 census as a Laborer.   However it has been verified that he also ran a Cannery on what was called "Howell's Wharf" in Milford, Delaware during the packing season ( late summer early fall ).   After the packing season he would move back to Trenton, New Jersey and there is an old newspaper article from Milford, Delaware noting that "Mr. George Howell" has returned to his home in Trenton, New Jersey now that the packing season is over".

      Rachel passed away on October 18, 1911 and was interred in the Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, New Jersey.   George (1) passed away on December 19, 1913 and was interred next to his wife.   They had 5 known children together.

2.* Edward Carver Howell  ~  b. October, 1880  ~  d. ???
3.* Amanda Carver Howell  ~  b. October 3, 1883  ~  d. July 14, 1969
4.* Edith May Howell  ~  b. June 10, 1886  ~  d. June 26, 1961
5.  Charles Howell  ~  ( Died as an infant )
6.* Mary Howell  ~  b. March 1888  ~  d. ???

Family Notes:

All the Children are believed to have been born in Trenton, New Jersey.   The birth date and place of Amanda's (3) has been verified by a Birth Certificate.   Charles (5) died as an infant and his actual place of burial is currently unknown.

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George M. Howell (1)  ~   Rachel A. (Carver) Howell  ~   ~ ( Wife of George )

Charles Howell (5)  ~  "Cenotaph" ~ ~ ( Son Of George & Rachel )

Edward Carver Howell, Sr. (2)

      Edward (2) was born the 1st child & 1st son of George M. (1) & Rachel A. (Carver) Howell in October, 1880 in Trenton, New Jersey.   He married "Lillian _____" whose birth date & parents names are currently unknown.   The death dates & interment location for Edward (2) & his wife are currently unknown.   Together they had 4 children.

10.* Morris Howell  ~  b. May 28, 1905  ~  d. March, 1985
11.  Dorothy Howell
12.  Lillian Howell
13.* Edward Carver Howell, Jr.  ~  b. June 20, 1916  ~  d. April 15, 1989
Family Notes:

Dorothy (18) was believed to have been born in Trenton, New Jersey.   She passed away previous to 1953.   She is also believed to have married a man with the last name of " Bell ".   They had one known daughter believed to be named C'dale.   C'Dale married a man named John Friedlund and they reportedly live in Itasca, Illinois.

Lillian (19) was also believed to have been born in Trenton, New Jersey.   She also passed away before 1953.   She was married twice, however her first husband's last name is unknown.   Lillian (19) had one child from her first marriage named Phillip who was later adopted by her second husband and was married to a girl named Gwen.   Her second husband's name was Mac Brown, Sr.   Mac and Lillian (19) had two sons together named Mac Brown, Jr. ( who married a Patricia ) and Gary Brown ( who married a Mary Ann ).   Both Phillip and Gary are known to have passed away.   Mac Brown, Jr.'s last known residence was Lake Tahoe, NV.

      Amanda (3) was born the 1st child & 1st daughter of George M. (1) and Rachel A. (Carver) Howell on October 3, 1883 in Trenton, New Jersey.   She married Harry Jacob Shepherd, Sr. who was born the son of Peter Aller and Corinda (Runyan) Shepherd on July 17, 1877 in Stockton, New Jersey.   (See the "Shepherd Family History")

      After their marriage they resided in Lambertville, New Jersey.   Amanda (3) worked at home as a mother & homemaker raising their children.   She & her husband were members of the Methodist Church in Lambertville, New Jersey.

      Amanda's (3) husband Harry worked in the Pottery Factory that use to be on North Union Street in Lambertville, New Jersey.   He served in the United States Army during World War I in the infantry.

      Harry Shepherd died on May 22, 1951 at his home on Elm Street in Lambertville, New Jersey at the age of 73.   He was interred in the Riverview Cemetery in Lambertville, New Jersey.   Amanda (3) died on July 14, 1969 at home in Lambertville, New Jersey at the age of 85 and was interred with her husband.   They had 8 children together.

14.  Peter Aller Shepherd  ~  b. May 27, 1903  ~  d. August 30, 1978
15.  Ida May Shepherd  ~  b. July 14, 1904  ~  d. April 5, 1997
16.* Edith Elizabeth Shepherd  ~  b. July 13, 1905  ~  d. January 20, 1994
17.  Mary "Emma" Shepherd  ~  b. Jan 15, 1907  ~  d. Apr 5, 2004
18.  Norman Woodrow Shepherd  ~  b. Oct 11, 1910  ~  d. Aug 21, 1911
19.  Harry Jacob Shepherd Jr.  ~  b. Nov 28, 1912  ~  d. 2002
20.  Richard Charles Shepherd  ~  b. May 7, 1925
21.  Gladys Virginia Shepherd  ~  b. Dec 14, 1927

" Important Family Note: "

Detailed information and the descendants of Peter (7), Ida (8), Edith (9), Harry (12), Richard (13) and Gladys (14) can be found in the " Shepherd Family History - (click here!) " and are " not " found in this document even though they are all " Howell " family members.   This was done so that information would not be repeated in each tree.

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Amanda Carver (Howell) Shepherd (3)   ~   Harry Jacob Shepherd  ~  ( Husband of Amanda )

Children of Amanda (3) & Harry Jacob Shepherd, Sr.:  ~  ( Not shown in this family tree )

Peter Aller Shepherd (14)   ~   Ida May (Shepherd) Werner (15)   ~   Mary Emma (Shepherd) Runyon (17)

Norman Woodrow Shepherd (18)   ~   Harry Jacob Shepherd Jr. (19)

Edith May Howell, (4)

      Edith (4) was born the 2nd child and 2nd daughter of George M. (1) and Rachel A. (Carver) Howell on June 10, 1884 in Trenton, NJ.   She married Frederick Milton Brown on September 28, 1907 in Trenton, NJ.   He was born on January 3, 1882 the son of Benjamin S. & Harriet (DeLaRue) Brown in Pa.

      Frederick passed away on March 10, 1933 at the age of 51 and was interred in Riverview Cemetery in Trenton, NJ.   Edith (4) passed away on June 6, 1961 in Trenton at the age of 77 and was interred in the Greenwood Cemetery in Trenton, NJ.   Together they had 2 children.

22.* Rachel Hannah Brown  ~  b. June 16, 1908  ~  d. March 25, 1993
23.* Edith Brown  ~  b. 1917  ~  d. 1975

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Edith May (Howell) Brown (4)   -   Frederick Milton Brown  ~  ( Husband of Edith )

Mary Howell, (6)

      Mary (6) was born the 5th & last child & 3rd and last daughter of George M. (1) and Rachel A. (Carver) Howell, however her birth date is currently unknown.   She married "Charles Vandeveer" whose parent's and birth date are also currently unknown.   After their marriage it is believed that they resided in Trenton.   Their place of interrment is also unknown.   Together they had 2 children.

24.  Charles Vandeveer, Jr.
25.  Howell Vandeveer
Family Notes:

Howell (20) is known to be deceased.   The birth order of the children has not been verified.

Morris Howell, (10)

      Morris, (10) was born the 1st child & 1st son of Edward Carver, Sr. (5) & Lillian (_____) Howell on May 28, 1905 in Trenton, New Jersey.   He never married.   He was born named "Morris" but later changed his name to "Maurice" when he was an ambulance driver in the army during World War II.   He drove a trolley in Trenton, New Jersey for a while and later moved to Chicago, Illinois.   In Chicago he was a bus driver for the CTA Chicago.   He passed away in March 1985.

Edward Carver Howell, Jr. (13)

      Edward, Jr. (13) was born the 4th child & 2nd son of Edward Carver, Sr. (2) & Lillian (_____) Howell in Oak Park, Illinois on June 20, 1916.   He married "Ann Marie Statkus" on September 14, 1940.   The birth date & parents of Ann are currently unknown.

      Edward (13) lived a very active life.   He worked for Inland Steel Company in East Chicago, IN for 42 years.   He retired in 1981 as an Assistant Manager in charge of Production Control.   He lived in Hazel Crest, Illinois from 1957 until his death in 1989.

      He was a former president of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, past president and charter member of the East Side (Chicago) Lions Club, past president of the Fair Elms Civic League, chairman of the Chicago Metropolitan Area Council of Steering Committees, vice chairman and district director of the Will-South Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District.

      He was also a village trustee in Hazel Crest, Illinois for six years (1963-1969) and was village mayor (1969-1973).   In 1988, he had the honor of having a retention basin known as "Little Calumet Water Shed Structure 53" in Markham, Illinois renamed by the State of Illinois as the " Edward C. Howell Reservoir ".

      Edward (13) died on April 15, 1989 and was interred in the St. Casimir Lithuanian Catholic Cemetery, Chicago, IL.   His wife Ann died on December 15, 1994 and was interred next to her husband.   Where they are interred is currently unknown.   Together they had 3 children.

26.* Sharon Ann Howell  -  b. Feb. 14, 1942
27.   Diane Elizabeth Howell  -  b. Oct. 12, 1945
28.* Edward Carver Howell, III  -  b. Dec 12, 1953
Family Notes:

"Diane" (27) is married to "Lawrence Noonan" and they have no children.

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"Edward Carver Howell, Jr. (13)"   -   "Ann Marie Statkus Howell"

(Edith Elizabeth Shepherd)
 " Edith Elizabeth Shepherd " 

      Edith (16) was born the 3rd child & 2nd daughter of Harry Jacob, Sr. and Amanda Carver (Howell) (2) Shepherd on July 13, 1905 at 264 North Union Street in Lambertville, New Jersey.   She was named for her Aunt Edith May Howell (3).   She married Russell Stout ( See the "Stout Family History" ) on February 21, 1923 in Elkton, Maryland.   Russell was born the son of John Nelson and Minerva J. (Kroesen) Stout on February 8, 1903 at 260 North Union Street in Lambertville, New Jersey.

      Russell & Edith (16) played together as children since they only lived one house apart on N. Union Street.   They lived in multiple houses, all in Lambertville during their marriage.   Their last home being on 22 Elm Street which is right around the corner from where they lived as children.

      Edith (16) worked at home as a mother and homemaker and later as a clerk in a store on Union Street in Lambertville.   She enjoyed playing Bingo with her husband and was an avid member of the Patriotic Order of American's Lodge (P.O.A.).   She served one year as the National President of the P.O.A.   Her husband Russell worked in the Union Paper Mill in New Hope, Pennsylvania (currently apartment buildings) until his death.   He was a member of the Top Rock Club, enjoyed shad fishing on the Delaware River & was an avid baseball player in his younger years.   His baseball team mates included his brother Edgar S. "Mitty" Stout & Edith's (16) brother Harry Jacob Shepherd, Jr. (12) .   Russell died on December 8, 1965 of a Heart Attack at the age of 62 after 42 years of marriage in the hospital in Trenton, New Jersey.   He was interred in the Riverview Cemetery, Lambertville, New Jersey.

      Edith (16) was found stricken in her home by friends on Thursday, January 20, 1994 and taken to the Doylestown, Pennsylvania Hospital where she died later that night of a stroke at the age of 88.   She was interred in the Riverview Cemetery next to her husband on Monday, January 24, 1994.   Together they had 5 children.

30.   Vivian Ida Stout  ~  b. July 14, 1924  ~  d. April 10, 1934
31.   Emma "Virginia" Stout  ~  b. July 25, 1925
32.   Joyce Elizabeth Stout  ~  b. Apr 1, 1928  ~  d. Jan 1, 1995
33.   Dolores Stout  ~  b. May 31, 1929  ~  d. Oct 31, 1929
34.   Beverly Catherine Stout  ~  b. Oct 10, 1931  ~  August 24, 2013

Family Notes:

Vivian Ida (30) died at the age of 10 due to Heart problems.   Dolores (33) died at age 5 months due to problems stemming from birth.

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Edith (Shepherd) Stout (16)   ~   Russell Stout ~ ( Husband of Edith )

Children of Edith (Shepherd) Stout (16) and Russell Stout:

Vivian Ida Stout (30)   ~   Joyce Elizabeth (Stout) Buchanan (32)   ~   Dolores Stout (33)   ~   Beverly Catherine (Stout) Voorhees (34)

For more information on the "Howell" desentdants of " Edith Elizabeth Shepherd (16) " please see the " Shepherd Family History ".

Russell & Edith Shepherd Stout
 " Russell & Edith Shepherd Stout " 
(Vivian Stout)
" Vivian Stout (23) "

Rachel Hannah Brown, (22)

      Rachel, (22) was born the 1st child and 1st daughter of Frederick Milton and Edith May (Howell) (3) Brown on June 16, 1908 in Trenton.   She married "Jesse Pointon, Jr." on May 13, 1930 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.   He was born on June 13, 1910 the son of Jesse, Sr. and Adeline (Bray) Pointon.

      Jesse passed away on March 6, 1988 in St. Petersburg, Florida and was interred in Greenwood Cemetery, Trenton, New Jersey.   Rachel passed away in Treasure Island, Pinellas County, Florida on March 25, 1993 and was also interred in Greenwood Cemetery.   Together they had 3 children.

35.* Robert Allen Pointon  -  b. Nov 12, 1931
36.* Barbara Joan Pointon  -  b. Oct 11, 1934
37.* Ruth Elaine Pointon  -  b. Aug 26, 1942

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Rachel Hannah (Brown) Pointon (22)   ~   Jesse Pointon, Jr. ~ ( Husband of Rachel )

Edith Brown, (23)

      Edith, (23) was born the 2nd and last child and 2nd daughter of Frederick Milton and Edith May (Howell) (6) Brown in Trenton.   She married twice.   She first married "Harry Lane" and they had one child together.   Harry passed away and Edith remarried to John Lowery and they did not have any children together. They have both passed away and are interred in the Greenwood Cemetery in Trenton, NJ. They resided in Morrisville, Pa.

40.  Judy Lane Family Notes:

"Judy" (40) is believed to be married and have one son.

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Edith Brown Lowery (23)   -   John Lowery

Sharon Ann Howell, (26)

      Sharon, (26) was born the 1st child & 1st daughter of Edward Carver, Jr. (13) & Ann Marie (Statkus) Howell on February 14, 1942.   She married "John Colbert" on January 7, 1961 in Chicago, Illinois.   John was born July 26, 1939, parents currently unknown.   They currently reside in Huntsville, AL and have 2 children.

50.* Susan Ann Colbert  -  b. Jul 2, 1962
51.* Aimee Elizabeth Colbert  -  b. Oct 2, 1969

Edward Carver Howell, III (28)

      Edward, (28) was born the 3rd child & only son of Edward Carver, Jr. (13) & Ann Marie (Statkus) Howell on December 12, 1953.   He married "Patricia Ann Franko" who had three children previous to their marriage.   They have no children together.

52. Martin Anthony Franko  -  b. Oct 30, 1963, d. Sep 15, 1992
53. Kenneth Russell Franko  -  b. Apr 18, 1966
54. Erica Marie Franko  -  b. Dec 14, 1969
Family Notes:

Martin (52) was never married.   After his passing he was interred in the Saint John Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Hammond, Indiana.   Kenneth (53) married Karen Lou Biedron and they live in Orlando, Florida.   Erica (54) married Brian Botlick and they live in Orlando, Florida.   They have two children together, "Brianna Lee Botlick" who was born on December 30, 1999 and "Luke Edward Botlick"who was born on January 25, 2004.

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Martin Anthony Franko

Robert Allen Pointon, (35)

      Robert, (35) was born the 1st child & 1st son of Jesse, Jr. & Rachel Hannah (Brown) (22) Pointon on November 12, 1931 in Trenton, New Jersey.   He has been married twice.   First he married Rita Theresa Eriksen on November 12, 1955 in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.   She was born on November 7, 1933 the daughter of Gustav and Theresa (Karaus) Eriksen in West New York, New Jersey.   They were divorced & together they had 3 children.   Rita died on December 25, 1989 in Trenton New Jersey and her ashes are interred in Glen Lake, New York.

      Robert (35) was married second to Mildred Margaret Girman Kupp on July 12, 1975 in Windsor, New Jersey.   She was born on March 18,1931 in Trenton NJ to George and Anna Girman.   Robert (35) and Mildred have no children together, however they legally adopted each others.

Children of Robert Allen Pointon and Rita Pointon:

60.* Scott Robert Pointon  -  b. Nov 16, 1958
61.* David Allen Pointon  -  b. Jan 2, 1960
62.* Karen Lynne Pointon  -  b. Oct 12, 1967

Children of Mildred Pointon:

63.  Katherine Ann Kupp  -  b. Dec 5, 1956
64.  Thomas George Kupp  -  b. Oct 16, 1958
65.  Nancy Marie Kupp  -  b. Oct 25, 1960
66.  Edward John Kupp  -  b. Oct 3, 1967

Barbara Joan Pointon, (36)

      Barbara, (36) was born the 2nd child & 1st daughter of Jesse, Jr. & Rachel Hannah (Brown) (22) Pointon on October 11, 1934 in Trenton, New Jersey.   She married Joseph James Collis, Sr. on August 17, 1957 in Trenton. Joseph was born on October 27, 1933 and he was the son of Joseph Francis Collis.

      Joseph passed away on April 20, 1996 and was cremated.   His ashes were interred at sea.   Together they had 3 children.

67. * Susan Barbara Collis  ~  b. April 29, 1960  ~  d. Dec 31, 1987
68. * Joseph James Collis, Jr.  -  b. Nov 20, 1963
69. * Patricia Lynn Collis  -  b. Jul 28, 1965

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Joseph James Collis, Sr. ~ ( Husband of Barbara )

Ruth Elaine Pointon, (37)

      Ruth, (37) was born the 3rd child and 2nd daughter of Jesse, Jr. and Rachel Hannah (Brown) (22) Pointon on August 26, 1942 in Trenton.   She has been married twice.   She first married "Joseph Galayda" in February 1962.   They were divorced on December 13, 1976 and they had 2 children together.

      She was married second to "William Cumberland Reynolds, Jr." on January 9, 1988 in Basking Ridge, NJ.   He was born the son of William Cumberland Reynolds, Sr. on January 22, 1926.   William passed away on February 28, 2003 and where he is interred is currently unknown.   Ruth (30) & William had no children together.

70.   Joseph Galayda  -  b. Sep 15, 1964
71.   James Andrew Galayda  -  b. Oct 20, 1968
Family Notes:

"Joseph" (70) was born in Willingboro, New Jersey and "James" (71) was born in Morristown, New Jersey.

Susan Ann Colbert, (50)

      Susan, (50) was born the 1st child & 1st daughter of John & Sharon Ann (Howell) (26) Colbert on July 2, 1962, place unknown.   She married "Lawrence David Stassin" and they reside in Griffith, Indiana.   Susan and Lawrence have three children.

80.   Nicholas Spencer Stassin  -  b. June 1, 1994
81.   Benjamin Dillon Stassin  -  b. August 3, 1997
82.   Samuel Palmer Stassin  -  b. May 4, 2000

Aimee Elizabeth Colbert, (51)

      Aimee, (51) was born the 2nd child & 2nd daughter of John & Sharon Ann (Howell) (26) Colbert on October 2, 1969, place unknown.   She was previously married (Name Unknown), resides in Cleveland, Ohio and has three children.

83.   Theresa Renee Colbert  -  b. March 7, 1987 (twin)
84.   Ashley Corinne Colbert  -  b. March 7, 1987 (twin)
85.   Sarah Ann Colbert  -  b. July 28, 1998

Scott Robert Pointon, (60)

      Scott, (60) was born the 1st child & 1st son of Robert Allen (35) & Rita (Eriksen) Pointon on November 16, 1958 in Trenton.   He married "Cheryl Elaine Pitsley" on August 1, 1988.   She was born the daughter of Leo Kenneth & Theresa Elaine (Lockwood) Pitsley on November 27, 1957 in Oswego, NY.   Cheryl's father, Leo Kenneth Pitsley, was adopted & his birth surname was Kilenbec.   Together they have 2 children.

86.  Zachary Eno Pointon  -  b. Aug 12, 1990
87.  Zane Robert Pointon  -  b. Dec 13, 1995
Family Notes:

Both Zachary (86) and Zane (87) were born in Syracuse, New York.

David Allen Pointon, (61)

      David, (61) was born the 2nd child & 2nd son of Robert Allen (35) & Rita (Eriksen) Pointon on January 2, 1960 in Trenton.   He married "Mary Lou Dougherty" on February 18, 1989.   She was born the dau of Louis Hugh & Mary Christine (Horgan) Dougherty on September 2, 1959 in Wilmington, De.   Together they have 3 children.

88.  Kelly Rita Pointon  -  b. Aug 12, 1990
89.  Rachel Christine Pointon  -  b. Jun 11, 1992
90.  Jackson Lewis Pointon  -  b. Jun 27, 1995
Family Notes:

Kelly (88) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   Both Rachel (89) and Jackson (90) were born in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Karen Lynne Pointon, (62)

      Karen, (62) was born the 3rd child & only daughter of Robert Allen (35) & Rita (Eriksen) Pointon on October 12, 1967 in Trenton.   She married "Douglas Martin Demeter" on October 31, 1992.   He was born the son of Raymond Lewis and Virginia (Hedden) Demeter on Sept 26, 1962 in Trenton, NJ. They have three children together.

91.  Sarah Ashley Demeter  -  b. Jul 10, 1996
92.  Amy Rae Demeter  -  b. Apr 11, 1999
93.  Hannah Catherine Demeter  -  b. May 21, 2001
Family Notes:

Both Sarah (91) and Amy (92) were born in Trenton, New Jersey.

Susan Barbara Collis, (67)

      Susan, (67) was born the 1st child & 1st daughter of Joseph James & Barbara Joan (Pointon) (36) Collis on April 29, 1960 in Trenton, NJ.   She married "Lynn Shelley" in August 1980.   He was born the son of Gary & Doris (Elliott) Shelley on May 17, 1959.

      On December 31, 1987 Susan (67) died of cancer in New York City, NY at the age of 27 years and was interred in the Jacobstown Cemetery, Jacobstown, NJ.   Lynn passed away on November 19, 2000 and he also was interred in the Jacobstown Cemetery.   Together they had 3 children.

100.   Landry Shelley  -  b. Jul 22, 1982
101.   Cy Thomas Shelley  -  b. Feb 16, 1985
102.   Bailey Shelley  -  b. Nov 8, 1986

View Online Memorial For (click on name):

Susan Barbara Collis Shelley (67)   -   Lynn Shelley ~ ( Husband of Susan )

Joseph James Collis, Jr., (68)

      Joseph, (68) was born the 2nd child & 1st son of Joseph James, Sr. & Barbara Joan (Pointon) (36) Collis on November 20, 1963 in Trenton., NJ.   He married "Geraldine Crawford" on October 14, 1987.   She was born the daughter of Robert and Doris (Buddington) Crawford on October 14, 1965.   They currently have three children together.

103.   Michael Collis  -  b. Mar 19, 1992
104.   Robert Collis  -  b. Mar 30, 1994
105.   Adam Collis  -  b. Jun 27, 1996

Patricia Lynn Collis, (69)

      Patricia, (69) was born the 3rd child and 2nd dau of Joseph James, Jr. and Barbara Joan (Pointon) (36) Collis on July 28, 1965 in Trenton, NJ.   She married "Robert Dixon" who was the son of Kenneth and Sharon (Nutt) Dixon. They have two children together.

106.   Christopher Joseph Dixon  -  b. Jan 7, 1989
107.   Jessica Lynn Dixon  -  b. May 19, 1994

For further information on this family line please see the
" Shepherd Family History "

" Continued Lineage Of Author "

Edith Elizabeth Shepherd (16) & Russell Stout had a daughter: Emma Virginia Stout

Emma Virginia Stout (31) & John Ernest Pickett, Jr. had a son: Russell Stout Pickett (author)

Russell Stout Pickett & Diane Sue Collison had two sons: "Christopher Scott Pickett" & "Ryan Mark Pickett"

Russell Stout Pickett & Ruth Elizabeth Hardy had twin girls: "Kayla Grace Pickett" & "Kara Virginia Pickett"

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