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Break Line

         My wife got this recipe out of a magazine decades ago.   Our family likes it so much I sometimes believe its " the only reason they visit during holidays " and " the only reason they visit during other yearly family events " !

         There are " a lot " of Rye Bread Dip recipes out there   ....   but this one is by far the best my family has every had !   You should consider trying it on your next Holiday Gathering  -  Birthday Party  -  BBQ  -  Super Bowl Party  -  or any gathering of family or friends.


  •   2 cups ( 16 ounce container ) of sour cream.

  •   2 cups ( 16 ounces ) of Mayo.

  •   3 tablespoons of dried Parsley Leaves.

  •   3 tablespoons of dried Minced Onion.

  •   3 teaspoons of Dill Seeds. ( or dried dill weed )

  •   3 teaspoons of Lawry's Seasoned Salt.
      ( Note: I've tried other brands of Seasoned Salt but none are as good as Lawry's )

  •   Round Rye Bread Loaf.

  •   2 or 3 other loafs of Rye Bread. ( Sandwich Style - cut in smaller pieces )


  1.   Add the sour cream to a large bowl.

  2.   Add the parsley, minced onion, dill seed ( or dill weed ), and seasoned salt.

  3.   Using the empty sour cream container - fill it with the Mayo ( less cleanup ) and add to mixture.

  4.   Stir together until well mixed.

  5.   Place the mixture in the refrigerator over night or for at least 12 hours to develop flavors.

  6.   When ready to use hollow out the top of the Round Rye Bread Loaf to create the " bowl ".

  7.   Cut up the removed bread into bite size chucks for dipping.

  8.   Cut up the othe other loafs of bread also for dipping.

  9.   Enjoy ... This dip is also great for any kind of chip dipping as well.

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