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January 11, 2022

         I first saw this recipe on the Internet ..... Something wasn't right about the recipe ..... So I modified it and then we had a very delicious meal.   You should try this one out for sure ..... It's one of our " Favorite Go-To Meals ! "   It can also be changed to an entirely different flavor ... " See Tip #1 " for more ideas for this dish.


  •     4  ~  boneless, skinless chicken breasts  ~  ( cut in half - long ways )
        6  ~  boneless skinless chicken thighs
                combination of both

  •     1  ~  12 oz. can of evaporated milk

  •     1  ~  can of cream of chicken soup  ~  ( see photos below for varieties )

  •     1/2  ~  cup of flour

  •     2  ~  teaspoons of salt

  •     1/2  ~  teaspoons of pepper

  •     1/2  ~  cup of butter

  •     1/4  ~  cup of water


  1.   Turn on your oven and set to 425o.

  2.   Slice up butter into tablespoon size pieces and place in a medium sized bowl and melt in the microwave.

  3.   Then pour the melted butter in a 9" x 13" baking dish.

  4.   Using the same bowl that the butter was melted in ... pour a small amount of the Evaporated Milk into the bowl.
       ( This will be used to dip your chicken in prior to dipping it into the seasoned flour )

  5.   Put the flour in another medium sized bowl and mix in the salt and pepper.  ~  ( see Tip #1 for more seasoning ideas )

  6.   Then stir all the ingrediants together to insure they are all mixed in.

  7.   If you have large chicken breast cut them in half long ways.

  8.   Then dip each chicken piece into the evaporate milk and then roll it in the seasoned flour.
       ( Insure each piece is well covered in the seasoned flour )

  9.   Place each chicken piece in the 9" x 13" baking dish with the butter.

  10.   Then place the dish in the oven and cook ( uncovered ) for 30 minutes.

  11.   " While it's cooking " ... pour the rest of the Evaporated Milk into the bowl with the Evaporated Milk used for dipping the chicken.

  12.   Then add the water and the condensed Cream Of Chicken soup to the Evaporated Milk and stir until well combined.

  13.   After the 30 minutes of baking is done ... take it out of the oven, flip each piece of chicken, and then slowly pour the soup mixture over the chicken.

  14.   Place the chicken back in the oven ( uncovered ) and cook for 30 more minutes.

  15.   Take the chicken out of the oven and .....

  •           Note:
              The gravy in the dish goes great over mashed potatoes and also over the chicken .....


    There are alot of possible changes to this dish which will make it entirely different .. such as :
    • Try using the different flavors of " Campbell's Cream Of Chicken Soup " which will definately change the flavor .....

    • Add different seansoning to the salt & pepper in the flour ..... Such as Italian Seasoning, just oregano, garlic salt instead of the regular salt, Old Bay, or any other seasoning you think your family would like !
      ( I'd suggest not using anything other than the salt and pepper the first time you make this to enjoy the true flavor of this great dish )

    • Add some " chopped garlic " to the melted butter in Step #2 which will really change up the flavor quite a bit .....

    • Use the " Cream Of Chicken & Mushroom " and add a small can of mushrooms which will change up the flavor as well .....

    • Etc .....


      The " Cream of Chicken with Herbs " is the hardest one to find !

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