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December 4, 2019

( Originally created January ~ 2018 )

In Memory

     The following list was created in the memory of the brave men and women from Sublette County, Wyoming that gave their all for their State and Country during World War II.  Soldiers, Sailors and Merchant Marines, are all included on this listing.

     There are personal "online memorials" for each of these honored men and women that were created for them by using the "Find A Grave" website.   You will see a blue " Yes " behind their names and by clicking on the " Yes " you will see their personal memorial that has been created for them.   On "many" of the online memorials you will see a small biography for each soldier which includes: parent's names, where they lived and where and how they actually died.   If you see one without a bio and you have information on them please email me and I'll update their records.

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Sublette County had a total of:

" 3 "

Soldiers and Sailors who "Gave Their All" during World War II

( I'm 99.9% sure all from Sublette County are included )

Information was used from the following link for the " Army & Air Force "
at National Archives for this report:

Click Here for Archive Report:  " Sublette County, Wyoming "

( Note: The others shown on the above report were actually from other counties. )

"Multiple" links at the National Archives
were used for the " Navy & Coast Guard " for this report.

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     Also please note:   The records show these men and women as either enlisting, being originally from, or having strong ties to Sublette County.   Therefore some of these soldiers may not necessarily be from the particular county noted.

     On some of the records you will note that the "Cemetery/Memorial" column shows "unknown".   If you know where any of these men or women are interred please let me know by sending me an "email - (by clicking here)" and I'll insure that the information is noted for their record.

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Whether a soldier or sailor was " Killed In Action ", " Missing In Action ",
" Died of Wounds ", or even died in the " Line Of Duty "   ......   

Whether a soldier or sailor was awarded medals or not   ......   

They are all " HERO'S " in my book and deserve all the recognition they can get !!

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Special Thanks To "Volunteer" Find A Grave Members:

" Eric Ackerman "
         For all his great research work For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide !
" Janice Hollandsworth "
         For her great help locating burials and record updates For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide !
" Jeff Hall "
         For his great help locating burials, taking photos, and record updates For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide !
" John C. Anderson "
         For his valuable help with documenting soldiers & sailors in Arlington National Cemetery !
" John Dowdy "
         For his great help with the Army Air Force, locating burials and flight crew reports For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide !
" ShaneO "
         For his great help locating burials, taking photos, and record updates For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide !
" Steve S "
         For his great photos in the Manila American Cemetery, Philippines !
" Tim Cook "
         For his great help with the Army Air Force, locating burials, taking photos, and flight crew reports For Soldiers & Sailors Nationwide !

Key to Abbreviations and Notes:

PH = Awarded the " Purple Heart " ~ ( Awarded for being wounded or Killed In Action. )

Other Medals
      Such as Good Conduct, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign, American Defense Service Medals, etc. " Are Not " included in this listing.

" Cause Of Death " ~ Color Coding:
      " RED " = Died during Battle.
      " MAROON " = Died of a "non-battle" related incident.

= Photo of person shown on online memorial
= Photo of tombstone or listing shown on online memorial
N/A ~ ( in awards field ) = not applicable
N/A ~ ( in photo field ) = not available

Cenotaph = A memorial stone only, remains not recovered or possibly interred somewhere unknown.

Those Included: = Died during the war - " December 7, 1941 " through " September 2, 1945 ".
            ( Some others have been included that died close to the war's end possibly from wounds or illiness )


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   Last Name, First Name, M.I.
          Awards ~ Place Of Passing ~ Photos
of Service
Cause of Death
Date Of Passing
Cemetery /
For Online
Click on
" Yes "

  Gomez, Pedro
          PH ~ unknown ~

First Class
Sublette County
Killed In Action
Nov. 19, 1944
Santa Fe
National Cemetery
Santa Fe, NM
" Yes "

  Henderson, Roy E.
          PH ~ Germany ~

First Class
513th Parachute Infantry
17th Airborne Division
Sublette County
Killed In Action
Mar. 24, 1945
Denver, CO
" Yes "

  Wenz, Ralph S.
          N/A ~ Alaska ~
          " Family Link Included "

Air Force
Sublette County
Killed In Action
Dec. 21, 1943
Sutton, NE
" Yes "


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Russ Pickett

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