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By: Russell S. Pickett
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      The "Truax Family History" is currently under construction.  Anyone that has information or questions on this family line please "email me".   The names shown in "maroon" are the ancestors of my grandchildren Jeremy Christopher Truax, Jr., Gina Elizabeth Truax, Jered Allen Truax, Jason Edward Truax, Kaylin Marie Truax, Samantha Madison Truax, and Hannah Joyce Truax.

      Frank, (1) is the senior family member known at this time.   He resided in the Smyrna, Delaware area.   He married "Avis Griffin" and together they had 11 children together. The birth order of the children has not been verified.

2.    Baby Girl Truax, b. 1912, d. 1913
3.    John Howard Truax, b. 1914, d. 1915
4.    Paul Truax, b. 1917, d. 1922
5.*   Edward Marshall Truax, b. Aug. 29, 1923, d. Nov. 29, 1977
6.    Lawrence Truax, b. ??
7.    Elmer Truax, b. ??
8.    Frank V. Truax, Sr., b. ??
9.    Holmer G Truax, b. ??
10.* James T. Truax, b. 1907, d. Nov. 4, 1968
11.  Florence Truax Roe, b. ??
12.  Delores Truax Tribbitt, b. ??

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Frank Truax (1)   -   Avis Griffin Truax   -   Baby Girl Truax (2)   -   John Howard Truax (3)   -   Paul Truax (4)

      Edward "Elwood", (5) was born the son of Frank (1) and Avis Griffin Truax on August 29, 1923 more than likely in Delaware.  He was married twice.  He was married first to "Luccille Lula Hurd" who was from North Carolina on October 11, 1944 in Wilmington, Delaware.  It is unknown at this time if they had any children together.  Edward was later married second to "Ruth Tribbitt" and they had two children together.

      He later had a relationship with "Claudia Alafair Robinson" to whom he was not married and had one child.    Claudia has two other children that were not part of this union, Charles Richard Scott and Bonnie Gaye Scott.   Other area's of Edward's (5) life are currently unknown, however he was know to live in Delaware.

Children of Edward "Elwood" and Ruth Tribbitt Truax:
20.    Donald Truax, b. ??
21.    Rose Truax, b. ??

Child of Edward "Elwood" and Claudia Alafair Robinson:
22.*  Gerald Hawkins Truax, b. Feb. 15, 1950

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      Edward Marshall Truax (5)

Family Notes:   Bonnie Gaye Scott married "Edwin Robinson" and she passed away. She was cremated and her ashes were spread on her families farm near Blackbird, Delaware.   Charles Richard Scott currently resides in Smyrna, Delaware and is married to "Dale (_____)".   Charles and Dale have 3 children together: Jeff, James and Donna.

      James, (10) was born the son of Frank Truax (1) and Avis Griffin Truax in 1907 in Delaware.   He married "Mabel Baker" and they resided in the Smyrna, Delaware area together.

      Mabel passed away on August 8, 1958 and was interred in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Smyrna Delaware.  James (10) passed away on November 4, 1968 and was interred next to his wife.  They had two known children together.

30.* Avis Truax, b. May 16, 1928, d. Apr. 11, 2012
31.  Elizabeth Truax, b. 1937, d. Jun. 27, 1949

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      James T. Truax (10)   -   Mabel Baker Truax   -   Elizabeth Truax (31)

Gerald Truax
Gerald Truax
( October 23, 2004 )

      Gerald, (22) was born the son of Edward "Elwood" Truax (1) and Claudia Alafair Robinson on February 15, 1950 in Delaware.   He married "Evelyn L. Underwood" who was born the daughter of Robert Allan and Veronica (Burke) Underwood on May 13, 1955.   His marriage to Evelyn ended in divorce and she later was remarried to Carl Wooldry.   She passed away on December 6, 2001 and is interred in Glenwood Cemetery, Smyrna, Delaware.

      Gerald (22) then married Kate Plugge with whom he did not have any children and they were also later divorced.   Gerald (1) currently owns and operates his own trucking business out of Hartly, Delaware.   He and Evelyn had four children together.

40.* Jeremy Christopher Truax, b. Jun 26, 1972
41.  Mary Beth Truax, b. Jun. 11, 1976
42.  Veronica Jean Truax, b. Apr. 4, 1978
43.  Andrea Alexis Truax, b. Feb. 27, 1981

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      Evelyn L. Underwood

      Avis, (30) was born the daughter of James T. Truax (10) and Mabel Baker Truax on May 16, 1928 in Delaware.   She married "Harlyn E Reese" and they resided in the Smyrna, Delaware area together.

      Harlyn passed away on November 19, 2002 and he was cremated.  His ashes were given to a family member.  Avis (30) passed away on April 11, 2012 and she also was cremated and her ashes were given to family as well.  They had two children together.

44.  Harlyn E. Reese, b. Jan. 30, 1957
45.  Bonnie Lea Reese, b. Feb. 23, 1958

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      Avis Truax Reese (30)   -   Harlyn E Reese

Family Notes:   Harlyn (44) and Bonnie (45) both reside in Delaware.

Jeremy and Kelli Truax
Kelli & Jeremy Truax
( October 23, 2004 )

      Jeremy, (40) was born the son of Gerald Hawkins Truax (22) and Evelyn L. (Underwood) Truax on June 26, 1972 in Wilmington, Delaware.   He met and started a relationship with "Kelli Marie Hanshaw" which led to their marriage on October 23, 2004 in Cheswold, Delaware.   Kelli's step-father, Russ Pickett, performed the wedding ceremony.   Kelli was born the daughter of Kevin Lynn and Karen Lorraine (Hodge) Hanshaw on September 5, 1982 in Rochester, NY.

      Jeremy (40) was previously married to Ginger Lee Hensley and they had 4 children together.  Kelli works for a local school and Jeremy (23) is employed driving a truck.  They reside in rural Chestertown, Maryland.   They have two children together.  His daughter, Kaylin (34), is living with them

Children of Jeremy & Ginger Lee Hensley Truax:

50.  Jeremy Christopher Truax, Jr., b. Feb. 19, 1991
51.  Gina Elizabeth Truax, b. Nov. 29, 1992
52.  Jered Allen Truax, b. Jul. 2, 1997
53.  Jason Edward Truax, b. Jun. 1, 2000, d. Sep. 1, 2014

Child of Jeremy Truax & Leslie Stairs:

54.  Kaylin Marie Truax, b. Mar. 15, 2002

Children of Jeremy & Kelli (Hanshaw) Truax:

55.  Samantha Madison Truax, b. Aug. 7, 2005
56.  Hannah Joyce Truax, b. Aug. 14, 2007

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      Jason Edward Truax (53)

Family Notes:   Samantha Madison Truax (55) was born in Suffolk, Virginia.  Hannah Joyce Truax (56) was born in Dover, Delaware.

Jeremy and Kelli Truax
Samantha Truax (55) & Kaylin Truax (54)

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