By: Russell S. Pickett
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     Over the years, as we all have, I've lost many friends and close family members. On this page I display links to "Online Memorials" that I have made in their honor. Anyone with any questions or if you also know one of these, please "email me". They are listed in Alphabetical Sequence by group.


"Joyce Elizabeth (Stout) Buchanan" - My aunt, and a beautiful person

"Billy Gorrell" - My Cousin

"Johnny Gorrell" - My Cousin

"Larry Gorrell" - My Cousin

"Winnie Ann (Bacon) Pickett" - My Grandmother, my Nana

"Harry Jacob Shepherd, Jr." - My uncle "Sheppie", always a smile and a laugh

"Marvin Charles Shepherd" - My cousin and fellow family historian!

"Edgar "Mitty" Stout" - My Great Uncle, always a smile

"Edith Shepherd Stout" - My Grandmother, my Mom-Mom

"Russell Stout" - My Grandfather, my Pop-Pop who I wish I could talk to one more time!


"Ronald T. Archer" - A High School friend

"John Dennis Bartley" - My friend and neighbor.

"David C. Burris - A friend and fellow band member

"Jeff Chambers" - A playmate from my youth

"Gilbert E. Moore" - My Odessa Grandfather

"Pearl M. Moore" - My Odessa Grandmother

"Marjorie Nancy Nabb" - A friend and fellow worker

"James R. Roy, Sr." - A fellow firefighter and a true man of honor

"Gail Stidham Stanley" - A childhood and High School friend

"Carl "Reed" Unruh" - A childhood and High School friend

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