Family History
By: Russell S. Pickett
( Delmarva Area )

      The most senior member that I've found in this family is "George Collinson" (1) (the name later became "Collison"). It is believed that he emigrated from England in circa 1660 making this family one of the older families of the United States.
      For ease of identification each family member has a number that is referenced through this entire document. That is, "George Collison" is number (1) and each family member is numbered from that point. An " * " after the family member's number denotes that I have further information about them displayed later in this document. The family member's whose names are shown in "Marroon" letters are the direct ancestors of my sons, "Christopher (692) & Ryan (693) Pickett".

      Within this document I use the "Find A Grave" website which links to where each family member who has passed away is interred and shows their individual online memorial. If you'd like to access the "Find A Grave" site to learn more about this project and build memorials for your loved ones please click below:

      Anyone that has information or questions on this family line please "email me". Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the below history of the Collison Family.

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Created by Russell Stout Pickett in: January, 2003
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