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      The "Case (De Kasse) Family History" is currently still under construction.  Anyone that has information or questions on this family line please "email me".

Duke Karl De Kasse (Case), (1)

      Karl (1) was born in Germany.  His dates as well as the name of his parents are currently unknown.  The names of any spouses are also unknown at this time.  He had three known sons of which only one's name is currently known.. 2. *Johann Philip De Kasse (Case)  -  b. ca. 1680, d. 1756
3.  (unknown) De Kasse (Case)
4.  (unknown) De Kasse (Case)

Johann Philip Case, (2)

      Johann, (2) was born in Anhausen, Germany the son of Duke Karl De Kasse (Case) (1), in ca. 1680.  His mother's name is currently unknown.
      He was 1st married to "Anna Elizabeth Jung" on November 29, 1703 in Anhausen, Germany.  The name of her parent's are currently unknown.  They had five children (possibly eight), however only the name of the one shown below is known.  Anna passed away in Anhausen on September 4, 1721 and was interred there.
      He and his two brothers evidently came to America together in ca. 1728 after the passing of Johann's (2) 1st wife Anna.  He was naturalized in New Jersey on July 8, 1730.  He changed the spelling of his name to "John Philp Kase" to make it more American as most immigrants had done.  Johann (2) first shows up in the Flemington, New Jersey area as a land purchaser on March 9, 1738.  He purchased land in the "Mine Brook" area from Thomas, John and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn.
      The land purchased included the area around the current Route 12 circle and back through Bonnell Street in Flemington.  He built a log cabin along the Tuccaminjah Creek, now called Mine Brook.  A deep and lasting friendship between Johann (2) and the indian Chief Tuccamirgan developed over the years.  The childless wife of the Chief often took care of the Kase children, who were as comfortable at the Indian camp as they were in their own homestead.  Their log cabin home was located where the current Case/Davis/Dvoor house stands today on the Route 12 circle in Flemington.
      Johann (2) was believed to have been married four (4) times.  However only the names of his 1st wife (see above) and last wife are currently known.  His last wife was "Rachel Hauser" with whom he had four children, however only three are currently known.  Rachel's parent's names and her dates are also unknown at this time.  Johann (2) passed away in 1756 and was interred in the Case Family Cemetery in Flemington, NJ.  After his passing Rachel married a "John White".

Children of Johann Philip and Anna Elizabeth (Young) Case:
  5. *Eva Marie Case
  6.  (unknown) Case
  7.  (unknown) Case
  8.  (unknown) Case
  9.  (unknown) Case

Children of Johann Philip and Rachel (Hauser) Case:
10.  Peter Case  -  b. Mar 16, 1751, d. Sep 25, 1796
11.  Philip Case  -  b. 1753, d. May 5, 1832
12. *Elizabeth Case
13.  (unknown) Case

Family Notes:  The birth order of the children is currently unknown.  The first five children were all born in Anhausen, Germany.  The rest of his children all appear to have been born in Flemington, NJ.  The children, based on records, seem to have changed the spelling of their last name again from "Kase" to "Case".  Peter (10) married "Elizabeth Stout" and had one son named "Mathias".  After Peter's passing Elizabeth remarried to "William Bennett".  Philip (11) was sent to Philadelphia, Pa. to learn the tanning trade.  He eventually set up a successful tanning business on his return that lasted from 1783 to 1851 in Flemington, NJ.  Philip (11) was married to "Amy Ann Robins"

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Eva Marie Case, (5)

      Eva (3) was born the daughter of Johann Philip (2) and Anna Elizabeth (Jung) Case in Anhausen, Germany.  She married "Paul Kahl" who immigrated to America from Maxsain in the Palatine area of Germany.  Paul purchased the land were the Copper Hill Country Club currently stands.
      The date of Eva's (3) passing is currently unknown.  Paul passed away in 1784 and was able to leave each of his sons a farm.  Paul and Eva are both interred in the family burial ground.  They had eight known children together. 14.  (son) Kuhl
15.  (son) Kuhl
16.  (son) Kuhl
17.  (son) Kuhl
18.  Leonard Kuhl  -  b. ??, d. 1793
19.  (daughter) Kuhl
20.  (daughter) Kuhl
21.  (daughter) Kuhl

Family Notes:  The birth order of the children is currently unknown except that Leonard (18) was noted as the 5th son.  Leonard (18) is interred in the family burial ground.

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Elizabeth Case, (12)

      Elizabeth (12) was born the daughter of Johann Philip and Rachel (Hauser) Case.  She married "Peter Aller" who was born in Germany.  Peter passed away in 1776 and they had one known child together.  It is unknown at this time where they were interred. 22. *John Aller  -  b. ??, d. 1817

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